Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 is in full swing


Awesome Games Done Quick, the winter edition of the bi-annual speedrunning marathon for charity, is in full swing over on Twitch.

The event kicked off this past Sunday with runs of Just Cause 3, Donkey Kong Country and Mirror’s Edge, among others. The action spilled over into Monday when Ecco the Dolphin, Startropics, Sonic Mania and Diablo III were tackled. Two new world records were even set during the Sonic block.

As of this writing, runner coolkid is playing Mega Man any percent with a single bar of life and only the Mega Buster weapon.

As was the case with Summer Games Done Quick 2020, this installment of GDQ is being conducted as a fully virtual event due to the ongoing pandemic. The last major GDQ event to take place in person was Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 around this time a year ago.

AGDQ 2021 continues non-stop through early Sunday morning, January 10, and will conclude with a run of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.